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Pearle Vision History

We go above and beyond to show how much we care

Genuine Eye Care

Caring for people and how they see the world is at the center of everything we do at Pearle Vision. In 1961, when our founder, Dr. Stanley Pearle, started his own practice in Savannah, GA, he started it with this sentiment in mind. And now, over 50 years later, each of our 400 neighborhood-owned and operated practices carry the legacy of this commitment.

Dr. Pearle’s founding vision was simple:

  • Deliver high-quality service and personalized eye care
  • Provide convenient onsite prescription fulfillment when possible
  • Offer quality lenses and the best selection of designer frames in town

Our doctors carry out this mission across our network of practices every day making Pearle Vision a household name.

At Pearle Vision, our eye care experts understand that eye appointments can feel intimidating. That’s why our neighborhood optometrists and opticians take care to answer all your questions so that you will have a stress-free experience and get the eye care that you need. To us, it’s not just about getting your eyes checked, it’s about making sure that your eyes are healthy, that you feel cared for, listened to and understood.

Dr. Stanley Pearle believed that to be a good practitioner with a reputation for service and quality, you must make a commitment to care about the people you serve. Our community of optometrists and opticians live out this commitment every day and strive to improve how you see your world.

“I’m eager for it to be a good company, with a reputation for service and quality, because that’s what I’m all about.” – Dr. Stanley Pearle

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