Eye Exam Costs and Expenses

Eye Exam Cost

Eye exam costs will vary depending on your insurance plan, your location and the services you receive during your visit at a neighbourhood Pearle Vision EyeCare Centre. We want everyone to get the eye care they deserve, which is why we accept patients with or without vision insurance. Learn about our different eye exam costs below.

Patients with Vision Insurance

Pearle Vision works with all major vision insurance plans to help our patients receive affordable eye care. In terms of cost, how much you pay for an eye exam will depend on your specific vision plan and your co-pay. All of our eye exams are provided by Independent Doctors of Optometry, which means not all insurance plans are accepted at all of our locations. To find out if an eye doctor is in your network, contact your neighbourhood Pearle Vision EyeCare Centre. You can find a neighbourhood EyeCare Centre nearby by visiting our locator page .

Eye Exam Cost Without Insurance

Patients who don’t have vision insurance can still get an eye exam at their neighbourhood EyeCare Centre. How much does an eye exam cost out of pocket? That depends on your location and the services you need. You can call ahead for a rough estimate to help you budget accordingly. If you’re worried about the eye exam price, find a neighbourhood EyeCare Centre nearby by visiting our locator page. Your local EyeCare Centre will be able to provide you more information on discounts and any special offers we may have.

About Our Comprehensive Eye Exams

When you arrange an eye exam at your local Pearle Vision EyeCare Centre, you can expect a thorough evaluation of your vision and eye health. Our eye doctors don’t just update your prescription, they are here to help check for signs or treat any eye conditions you may have. Our comprehensive eye exams last about 20-30 minutes and include:

  • A Review of Your Patient History: During your eye exam, your optometrist will discuss your patient history to learn more about the health of your eyes. During this time, you may be asked if you’re experiencing any symptoms, such as blurriness, pain or straining. It’s also important to mention any medications you’re currently taking during your exam.
  • Eye Testing: Our comprehensive eye exams usually include a number of tests. In general, they will check your visual acuity, track your eye movement and the health of your eyes. Further testing may be recommended depending on your age and symptoms.
  • (Optional) Contact Lenses Testing: Patients interested in using contact lenses will need to take a few additional tests to ensure contact lenses fit properly.

  • Lenses

    Whether progressive or polarized, lenses can greatly affect the way you see the world. At Pearle Vision, we only use high-quality lenses to ensure you’re maximizing your vision. Add-ons such as anti-reflective coating, tinting and blue light protection may cost extra.


    Pearle Vision carries the highest-quality frames in the latest styles from brands you know and love, like Burberry and Ralph Lauren. The cost of eyeglass frames will vary based on materials and features. MVC and FSA benefits can be used to reduce out-of-pocket expenses.

    The Pearle Vision Guarantee

    If for any reason you aren’t 100% satisfied with your eyewear purchase, you can return it. Bring the merchandise back in its original condition within 30 days and we’ll make things right.

    Arranging an Eye Exam

    Eye exams serve many purposes. With comprehensive testing, an eye doctor can help improve your vision with prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses. Moreover, an annual eye exam can help detect any health issues early on, such as glaucoma or cataracts. Arrange an appointment at your neighbourhood Pearle Vision EyeCare Centre today and get the care you and your eyes deserve.

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