Glasses Care 101

How to Take Care of Your Eyeglasses

With over 65 years in the eye care industry, the experts at Pearle Vision pride themselves on keeping your eyeglasses in top shape. We've put together a list of the 3 most commonly asked questions around eyeglass care.

1.) How do I clean my glasses?

Through the years, we've heard all the different invented ways people like to clean their glasses -- from soapy water and dish cloths to saliva and tissues. We've found the best way to clean your glasses is by looking beyond common household items.

Our advice: Use spray eyeglass cleaner and a soft microfiber cleaning cloth to clean your eyewear the way the professionals do. Be cautious about the type of chemicals and fabrics you are using to clean your glasses. Some household glass cleaners and ammonia based chemicals have ingredients that can actually cause harm to your glasses and even damage any common anti-reflective (AR) coating applied to your lenses. Got questions? Stop by your neighborhood EyeCare center if you need help finding the best eyeglass cleaning supplies, as well as helpful ways to make your glasses look new again.

2.) How do I make adjustments to my glasses?

Time and time again, we see our patients wearing glasses that don't fit properly. It's common for your glasses to become crooked through normal everyday wear, but did you know that wearing your glasses incorrectly can be damaging to your vision? It's true.

Our advice: Make sure to routinely check your eyeglasses to ensure they are not crooked, and to test for potential loose screws at the temples and as well as the bridge of the nose. There are everyday household tools you can use to help make slight adjustments to your glasses, but be advised that eyeglass frames are fragile, and making manual adjustments to the frames and lenses could cause irreversible damage.

3.) How do I extend the life of my glasses?

Cleaning your glasses routinely is just one of the ways to keep your glasses looking like new. Glasses are prone to scratches and scuffs when left lying around, and while we recommend storing your glasses in a protective hard shell eyewear case, we understand that life happens, and over time scratches and scuffs become a normal part of the everyday wear of your glasses.

Our advice: Avoid leaving your glasses unprotected in a purse, or clothing pocket. If you do tend to keep your glasses laying around, make sure to keep the lenses facing downward. Remember there is no magical solution for completely eliminating scratches on your lenses. While there might be some waxy compounds you can add to the lenses, be sure to do your research. Check to make sure these compounds will not damage any type of coating that has been added to your lenses. Sometimes a little elbow grease and a few cotton balls can go a long way to making your scratches a little less noticeable.

Need a second opinion on your glasses?

Protect your investment, and make sure to consult a trained Pearle Vision expert if you're worried or unsure about how to properly maintain your glasses. We'll take the time to answer your concerns, and recommend any tips that could keep your glasses looking like new.

If you ever have any questions around how to properly clean and adjust your eyeglasses, feel free to visit your neighborhood EyeCare Center.

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