One-On-One Yearly Eye Exams

Your eyes continually change, which is why the American Optometry Association recommends an eye exam every two years to ensure your overall eye health is in good shape. Eye exams not only check your vision, but more importantly, help prevent and detect eye health issues. At Pearle Vision, our eye care experts will take the time to ask you the right questions so they can give you the quality of care you deserve. To learn specifically about children's eye care, Children's Eye Care

Did You Know?

What many people do not realize is that an eye exam is a window to potential larger health complications, and that having 20/20 vision does not mean your eyes are perfect. Some eye health issues like glaucoma and diabetic eye disease actually have no immediate symptoms and can cause more harm to your eyes if left untreated. That's why regular check-ups are critical. Find your neighborhood Pearle Vision to schedule an eye exam near you. Scheduling An Eye Exam

The Eye Care Experience

During your visit, there are a few preliminary eyesight tests prior to the exam itself to measure visual functions such as depth perception, color vision and eye muscle movements. Throughout the process, our Independent Doctors of Optometry* and eye care experts will be right by your side to walk you through any concerns you may have.

In addition to noting any family history, problems, conditions or diseases found during your eye exam, we are here to provide you with detailed explanations for any next steps you may need to take. Our specialists are dedicated to making the eye care process easier for you, so you can walk out with all the tools you need to keep your vision sharp and your eyes healthy. To learn more about the different types of testing and what questions to expect, click here. Click the link to learn more, Eye Exam Cost

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