What Is Digital Eye Strain

From working on a hard-hitting report all day to curling up in bed to watch a good movie, staring at a screen for an extended amount of time has become ingrained into our lives. However, digital eye strain from staring at our devices is a very real and very common problem. Blurred vision, headaches, dry and irritated eyes, and increased sensitivity to light are all eye strain symptoms you can get from extended screen time. We understand screen time is necessary in many of our day-to-day lives and we’re here to help with preventing digital eye strain and other eye strain symptoms.

Follow the 20-20-20 rule

To start off, we have a great and easy tip to prevent computer eye strain. Practice the 20-20-20 rule! Every 20 minutes while using your device, look 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Breaks every 20 minutes are a great way to keep your vision healthy and avoid eye strain symptoms.

Think about computer glasses

Do you ever feel your eyes start to dry out and a headache start to rise after a long day of working on your computer? You might be experiencing computer vision syndrome, another symptom of digital eye strain. In order to combat these irritations from extended screen time, you will want to look into computer glasses that block blue light, most commonly known as blue light filter glasses. These glasses for computer use are different than normal glasses but look almost identical: blue light lenses are made to prevent block out blue light and prevent digital eye strain.

Learn about blue light

So if you need blue light blocking lenses, what exactly is blue light? First off, it’s not all bad for you. In fact, we need exposure to blue light that comes from the sun’s rays to maintain a healthy circadian rhythm. Essentially, blue light lets our body know it’s day time. Although on a much smaller scale than the sun, our devices also emit blue light from their display screens.

Invest in some blue light glasses

Even though you won’t get blue light eye damage from using your device, too much exposure to blue light from our devices can contribute to digital eye strain and interrupt your sleeping patterns. The blue light can trick our bodies into thinking it’s day time even when we are trying to fall asleep. To prevent digital eye strain and preserve your sleep schedule, doctors recommend wearing blue light filter glasses while browsing your devices before bedtime. You can safely enjoy your screen time after a long day at work without worrying about further exhausting your eyes and exposing them to blue light.

To prevent symptoms of eye strain from starting, we recommend talking with one of our eye care experts at Pearle Vision.

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