Back to School Eye Exams

Prepare your child for success by booking an appointment for a back-to-school eye exam. Your child’s vision plays a vital role in how they learn in school. From reading to solving math problems, most learning is visual. An eye exam can help ensure your child is seeing and learning well by catching any eye problems early on. Make an appointment at your neighbourhood Pearle Vision EyeCare Centre and get your child ready for school with a vision exam.

Benefits of a Back-to-School Eye Exam

If your child is having a hard time reading their schoolbooks or seeing the board, it can make learning frustrating and result in poor performance. A back-to-school eye exam can help prevent that by identifying any refractive errors or developmental issues in their eyesight early on. Eye problems that are left untreated can develop into a more serious issue and set your child back in their learning journey. The first day of school is an exciting time for any kid, get them started on the right track and ready to learn with healthy eyes.

Common Eye Problems in Children

Whether your child is showing any symptoms or not, they should have their eyes evaluated. There are several common eye problems in children, which include:

  • Astigmatism: This is a common eye condition that typically occurs at birth, causing blurry or fuzzy vision at any distance.
  • Farsightedness: Also known as hyperopia, is a common refractive error that causes blurry vision when looking at objects nearby.
  • Nearsightedness: Also known as myopia, is another common refractive error where objects at a distance appear blurry.
  • Strabismus: This refers to any condition where the eyes are pointed in different directions, such as lazy eyes, crossed eyes or turned eyes.

Most refractive errors are easily corrected with prescription lenses, medication or surgery, such as LASIK. Treatment will depend on the degree of the refractive error and what your eye doctor recommends.

What to Expect During Your Child’s Eye Exam

During a comprehensive eye exam, an eye doctor will perform several tests to check the health of your child’s eye and their vision. Depending on the results, the eye doctor may give your child a prescription for eyeglasses to improve their vision. If your child is prescribed eyeglasses, you’ll be able to select a pair of frames that best compliments their face shape, style and preference.

At What Age Should My Child Get Their First Eye Exam?

We recommend your child get their eyes examined as early as six months old and once a year after that. While eyesight can change for anyone as they age, it develops and changes even quicker for children. In some cases, refractive errors such as farsightedness can improve with the right treatment. Arranging an annual eye exam can help ensure their vision is developing properly and no new issues occur as their eyesight develops. There’s no better time to get your kid’s vision checked than before school starts again.

Contact your neighbourhood Pearle Vision to ask about back-to-school eye exam specials near me and make an appointment to be seen by one of our eye doctors.

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