Puffy Swollen Eyes

What Are Red and Irritated or Puffy and Swollen Eyes?

Red and Irritated eyes are eyes that are red in color, appear bloodshot, or feel irritated. Puffy or swollen eyes refers to excess fluid around the eye lid. Red and bloodshot eyes have many causes, including infection, unusual puffiness around the eyes, inflammation, allergies, broken blood vessels and trauma.

Possible Causes and Treatment:

Broken Blood Vessel:

A broken blood vessel occurs when the white part of your eye becomes bright red from the blood leaking under the clear conjunctiva. The hemorrhage may look threatening but in most cases it is usually harmless and ordinarily isn't considered an emergency. However, if within a day or two you notice other symptoms, make sure there are no underlying causes for the blood leak and schedule an eye exam. Scheduling An Eye Exam

Eye Allergies

Allergies are typically seasonal but can occur year-round when something irritating invades your eyes. Cat dander, dust mites, plants in the area, molds, or fumes can affect your eyes in all kinds of ways from puffiness, itchiness or redness, to unusually watery eyes. Over the counter antihistamines can give you relief as well as a cold, wet compress on the outside of your closed eyelids. But if your allergies seem to be nonstop and continue to irritate you, you may need to see your eye doctor for a prescription to help you deal with the symptoms. Scheduling An Eye Exam

Itching Eyes

Almost all eye itching is caused by some sort of allergy that can be treated with over-the-counter lubricating eye drops. More severe eye itching may need extra help, such as oral antihistamines or prescription eye drops. But overall, try to avoid rubbing your eyes because rubbing actually releases particles that may make the itching even worse. If none of the above treatments seem to relieve the irritation and your eyelids become red and inflamed, you might have blepharitis, a more serious inflammatory condition, and should visit your eye doctor to determine the cause and appropriate treatment. Scheduling An Eye Exam

Pink Eye

Pink eye is a form of conjunctivitis that can have a combination of multiple symptoms such as itching, burning, stinging, eye discharge, swelling, and watering. Some forms of pink eye are viral and bacterial and are very contagious. To stay on the safe side, wash your hands often and avoid rubbing your eyes and spreading it to others. If within a day or two a cool, wet compress is still not helping, it's best to see your eye doctor for a diagnosis and possible treatment. Scheduling An Eye Exam

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