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There are a lot of lens options out there, but which one is right for you? Your local Pearle Vision eye care team will explain the differences between each of our specialty eyeglass lenses so you can compare them and find exactly what you need.

Clear ophthalmic lens types

difference between eyeglass lenses

More prescription lens materials and options

Plastic Lenses
Plastic is the most widely used material for eyeglass lenses. Although lighter than glass, it's not as durable. So scratch-resistant coatings are highly recommended.

Polycarbonate Lenses
Our strongest, safest, lightest and thinnest lens material. They are also the most impact-resistant* lenses available today. Commonly used for children's, sports and safety glasses.

High Definition Lenses
If you're interested in a more accurate field of vision, try our digitally made High Definition prescription lenses. In addition to improving the clarity, they also reduce eyestrain from extended computer usage.

  • 4x more accurate field of vision
  • Digitally made for greater accuracy
  • Reduces eyestrain when using a computer

Anti-reflective Lenses
Our anti-reflective prescription lenses reduce surface reflections by 78%, while also providing scratch resistance and UV protection.

  • Reduces surface reflections by 78%
  • Lets people see your eyes better
  • Comfortable, scratch resistant, UV protection

Polarized Lenses
Eyeglasses with polarized lenses can make all the difference, especially if you spend a lot of time driving. They'll reduce glare to create a safer experience for you and those you travel with.

  • See clearly 23 feet farther while driving
  • Reduces sun glare
  • See more comfortably in bright sun

Transitions� Lenses
Transitions lenses adapt to all changes in sunlight, becoming darker in bright areas and clear indoors or at night.

  • Continuously adapts to changing light
  • Reduce glare, eye fatigue and strain
  • Block 100% of UV rays

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